Welcome to the website of FotoGraaGHanneke

After a few years it is time to renew my website. Going with the times and showing what I do and can do. That is the purpose of this website. A place where everything comes together and can be found about FotoGraaGHanneke.

My photography adventure started as a child. Because it was my father’s hobby, I came into contact with it at a young age. He had a dark room (more like a dark closet) where he developed his photos. When he talked about shutter speed, ISO values ​​and aperture at that time, it went in one ear and out the other. I couldn’t understand it. I got my first camera when I was about eight years old. A flat device, which had only one option and that was to click by pressing a button. Over time I got more and more luxurious cameras. At first I mainly took pictures of my family and holiday snaps. I have books full of this, especially with pictures of my children. Over time I got a little more serious about it and I started to get more interested in the settings. I even took courses. First all analog and since 2008 I have a digital SLR camera.

I did some portrait photography, shot at events and some festivals. Unfortunately, due to my health, this is no longer possible. I have Small Fiber Neuropathy and damage due to a B12 deficiency that has been undertreated for too long.

I photograph many things

Luckily I found a way to shoot anyway. Nowadays I use the Nikon D5200, because it is a fairly light camera and I can’t carry a heavy camera. I like to be in nature and this is my biggest source of inspiration. From a tiny insect or flower to a vast landscape, in color and black and white… I can marvel at all that beauty. I inherited this from my grandfather, who took me into nature at a young age and let me look and listen carefully. When I go out with the mobile scooter, I hardly ever leave the house without my camera and supplies. I also come across beautiful photo opportunities on the street and you can also find this here and there in my collection.

Because I could no longer do my job as a nurse and confidant and I wanted to draw attention to B12 deficiency and SFN, I ended up on Twitter. Here I also occasionally shared a photo that I offer on Werk aan de Muur/Art Heroes. In the corona time I started sharing more photos and met photographers and artists from all over the world on Twitter. I learned new things and photography became socially more important in addition to my distraction from the pain I have 24/7. I have contacts with people all over the world and friendships have developed. This is also where I get inspiration from.

Over time, the possibilities also change in art and photography. In addition to my print shops, I started focusing on the NFT (non fungible token) world. I sell my digital work through Objkt for Tezos and through Foundation, Opensea and Manifold with a Manifold contract for Ethereum. Here I also collect work from other photographers and artists, which makes me happy.

I recently created a second profile on Objkt. I also discovered creating with AI. With this I create colorful fantasy worlds, something completely different from my photography. It is a journey of discovery with my imagination and skills. This also provides distraction.

I invite you to take a look at the different tabs and enjoy what I have photographed and created over time. And if you like it, come back every now and then, because I will continue to photograph and create and certainly post new works from time to time.


A donation to B12 Institute Research Foundation with every order

Because I would like to support this Foundation with their good and important work, I want to donate 10% of the proceeds from the sale of my photos and NFT’s to them. So when you buy a photo of my hand for on your wall, you help to raise awareness of the recognition and treatment of B12 Deficiency. DVN can be caused by, among other things, un(der) treated B12 deficiency.

I can also be found with my photography at