Met de tijd veranderen de mogelijkheden ook in de kunst en fotografie. Naast mijn printshops ben ik mij gaan richten op de NFT (non fungible token) wereld.

Een NFT is een uniek bestand dat staat geslagen op een digitaal kasboek, ook wel blockchain genoemd. Elke NFT staat voor een uniek digitaal artikel of item dat niet vervangbaar  (fungible) is.

Mijn collecties zijn via Foundation (Manifold contract), Opensea en Objkt te verzamelen. 

Hieronder zijn de werken te vinden en er zijn linken naar de collecties, mocht je belangstelling hebben.

FotoGraaGHanneke Collection on Foundation

The beauty seen trough my lens. There is so much to see and enjoy. In Nature and in the Streets. In Color and in B&W I take you with me in my observations and hope you love the view.

The FotoGraaGHanneke Collection is made with a Manifold contract. It is a growing collection. There are multiple editions and 1/1 NFT’s available.

Floor price: 0.012 ETH

Lighten up after the dark 1/1 collection on Foundation

For the Lighten up after the dark collection I have up lighted my nature photos, giving them a different twist. They light up from the dark. A beautiful neon effect.
I’ve been through a lot in my life. Yet I always try to find and continue to see the bright spots by having a positive attitude in life. No matter how dark it gets in life, there are always bright spots. That is the story behind this collection. I hope that every photo from the collection gives a bit of light and joy.

The Lighten up after the dark Collection is made with a Manifold contract.

There are 8 1/1 items

Price: 0.125 ETH

When you collect 1 of them you get the nature version aidropped.

If the collection gets sold out, I aidrop a special 1/1 to 1 of the collectors.

Beauty Nature Treats Us 1/1 collection on Opensea

In this collection I like to share beautiful photos that I made during trips with the mobile scooter through nature. I enjoy sharing big and small things that catch my eye and I captured with the lens of my camera.

10x 1/1 editions

prices between 0.05ETH and 0.15ETH

Created at Objkt

On Objkt you can buy my NFT’s with Tezos. 

There are several collections and I will regurlarly post new works.

In the Sunset Views collection I place editions from my photos in which you can see beautiful views of the Dutch coast at sunset.

In the Happy Flowers collection there are Flowers that can make you happy with their beautiful colours, structures, shapes and scents. Collect these flowers from my collection for your happiness. They just don’t smell.

In Look what I saw through my lens! collection there are Landscapes, Seascapes, City views and everything I like to capture and want to share.